Launch and sales

Medicinal products launch and sales at the Russian market.

In cooperation with its partners ARS provides full package of services for launch and sales of medicinal
products at the Russian market. These services include the following:
Registration procedure stage
1 Marketing researches
2 Organization and conduct of non-clinical and clinical studies of medicinal products
3 Implementation of the necessary registration procedures for medicinal products
4 Registration of a marketing authorization holder (MAH), manufacturer and a medicinal product in the
information monitoring system of drug circulation
Drug circulation stage
5 Import of medicinal products into the territory of the Russian Federation and customs clearance
6 Implementation of procedures for putting into civil circulation
7 Accumulation, storage, distribution and sale of medicinal products
8 Implementation of the pharmacovigilance procedures
9 Marketing support
Due to the fact that ARS has a wide range of reliable partners, such service is provided to the client on a
turnkey basis with a guarantee of full compliance with the rules and regulations of Good Distributional
Practice (GDP) of the European Economic Union (EEU).
If marketing analysis of a project conducted together with ARS partners shows sufficient economic
potential of aa medicinal product, cooperative financing of the project can take place.